Touch. is. medicine.


Touch Is Medicine Centers Platonic Touch for Everyone!
We serve the full spectrum from the acutely stressed out
to the chronically touch-deprived and touch-averse.

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Who does Touch is medicine serve?



The majority of our society has received unwanted touch at some point in our life, and too many of us are physical/sexual abuse survivors.



Others are isolated, unable, and/or anxious to receive touch among family and friends because they feel unworthy of such attention, unsure how to ask, or have been outcasted for so long that bridging the divide seems impossible.



Lack of touch can create dissociation, a psychic separation from the body. Paradoxically, it can also imprison within the body. Are you locked out or locked into your body?


“ The key to finding freedom from touch aversion and/or touch deprivation is collaborating with a counselor/therapist, doctor, or other medical professional, and a Rehabilitative Touch Specialist. As both the Founder and Lead Practitioner at Touch Is Medicine, I’ve seen amazing results with clients as they work out the WHY of who they are with their therapists, and with me, the HOW of beginning to feel comfortable in their own skin, while also learning to ask for and receive the touch they need and want. ”

Janet Trevino, Founder of Touch Is Medicine


Touch Is Medicine has been created to work with you right where you are in collaboration with your personal wellness team to provide the hands-on experience you need to grow into touch and into yourself.

*** Sessions are currently only available with Founder & Lead Rehabilitative Touch Specialist Janet Trevino in San Antonio, TX ***


Acute Touch Deprivation & Aversion Sessions

If you have not been getting your platonic touch needs met and would love the support of a Touch Specialist, these Sessions are right for you.


Chronic Touch Deprivation & Aversion Sessions

If you are under the care of a therapist or medical professional and would like to make Touch Therapy a part of your care, these sessions are right for you.

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Become a Certified Rehabilitative Touch Specialist

Are you a coach, mentor, or in any other non-medical service field and want to train with us to offer Touch Is Medicine Sessions to your clients?

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